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Today, Miso Poetic

June 22, 2009


I think that I shall never see,

A woman more complex than me


I live among all the memories of yore,

Trying to dispel the  grating myth:  when it rains, it always pours


But I’ve been granted a reprieve from the emotional muck and mire,

And under my ass, you see…I’ve started a raging fire


Time to get up, get moving…yesterday’s a bad reminder

Even with all the crap in my life; I must  remove those blinders


Too many people live on the world, they refuse to live within

It’s a beautiful place to be, just live life…I beg you, please begin 


And that’ll I’ll do as I enter a new phase, everyday will be unique

I’ll learn to yearn for the mysteries of life; I’ll create my own mystique


I’m about to start working again,  boredom will no longer be a villain

I’m about to land a stellar gig; a  position that  is truly win-win.


I like working; it’s freeing like magic…one, two PRESTO!

You see,  I love Democracy too much and the above is not from the Communist Manifesto


I’ve got this new blog, too in which I promise tons more hoot,

No encumbrances or distractions;  no manfriends now; I gave the old one the  boot


And now I’m free to do what I want…shop, sleep or go watch polo,

I sometimes enjoy the options one has when one must live life solo


So stay with me my bloggy  friends, as my life changes course

Does it scare me?  Yeah, it does I think,  but I’ve the strength of a god that’s Norse.


I am strong…yep I am, but indulge me because sometimes I will fail

Like whining, crying and craving food while avoiding the bathroom scale


Lastly, please forgive me for rather jejune poetic effort, I know not what I’m doing,

But you know me… I love to think it’s always brilliance that I’m spewing


But there issome rhyme and reason to my life; keep reading and soon you’ll see,

Even though I ain’t no Longfellow, I’m quite fond of poetry


So, don’t worry…I’m fine.  You must admit that I’m still writing

You’ll see my style hasn’t changed one bit.   My posts will always be biting pill bottle


And why not?  I’ve got good reason.   I’ve spent two years with a narcissist

The bastard lied and cheated on me……oh, what the hell, I’ll call my pharmacist


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  1. mklasing permalink
    June 22, 2009 1:51 pm

    I had to travel on business today
    And while at a meeting I decided to play

    What else can I do while sitting here in Philly?
    I need to read something funny, something silly.

    And much to my surprise I found this new blog.
    It seemed very familiar in this warm Philly fog.

    My good friend is back and writing some more.
    No longer will this meeting be a dreadful little bore.

    I blissfully caught up on the muses of the week.
    I read them all with my hand on my cheek.

    And I decided to comment and say “way to go.”
    Your blogging always gives me a warm fuzzy glow.

    So thanks for not staying a way very much.
    I look forward to writings about life, humor and such.

    You know that I enjoy your brillance a whole bunch.
    But you better set aside a day so we can get lunch.


    Oh my my, dear Murphy, I love a good foil.
    And it’s good to know my blog helps while you toil

    In Philly no less, a berg of brotherly love.
    But don’t eat their cheesesteaks, That ain’t meat…it’s dove.

    And while you’re there please help that poor city.
    It’s fallen on hard times. Gee…such a pity.

    Spend what you can, they really need the scratch,
    Only Obama can free them from this bad patch

    But seriously Murph, thanks for commenting with such style and devotion
    Knowing you care this much brings forth such emotion.

    You are my friend, dear Counselor, and as for lunch? Sure! Love to. It’ll be fab!!
    As long as you or your law firm will pick up the tab.

    You’re brilliant my friend.

  2. Karol permalink
    June 22, 2009 2:00 pm

    rhyming is hard. i was sitting here trying to come up with words that rhyme but it’s useless. i’ll just enjoy reading what everyone writes and be satisfied i can type.

  3. Karol permalink
    June 22, 2009 2:25 pm

    There was an old man from Nantuckett . . .
    Who often vacationed in Phukett

    He loved all things Thai…it’s people, cities…it’s grasses..
    And commented many times about it’s womens’ fine asses.

  4. mklasing permalink
    June 22, 2009 3:24 pm

    I was going to rhyme again but then I read the Nantucket rhyme and now all I can think about is the numerous versions of that rhyme that I know. None of them are even PG-13. Oh to flush my mind of the trivial crap I learned while living in a frat.

    I can say one thing about Philly–at least it is not 100 degrees here.

  5. Blanche permalink
    June 22, 2009 4:34 pm

    Puh-leeez, Lenora Mae. You could have done better on my poem.

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