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My Personal WTF Moment of Political Zen

July 7, 2009


I am a native Texan and on those occasions when my family can spin it right, we call my generation of Kendricks the fifth one that  has lived and toiled on the hallowed soil of the mythical Lone Star State.

That said, I know all about those homespun Texas witticisms that have garnered so many natives so much attention in recent years. 

Dan Rather, a son of Texas himself,  was ridiculed for his “that dawg don’t hunt” metaphoric contributions to CBS’s prime time coverage of the 2004 presidential election.   

I knew every one he uttered.   Hayseed, perhaps but that’s how it is.  And not just in Texas.   This mode of analagous speech is ubiquitious through the South, too.   Having been raised with them,  I know what each means, so  I’m not shocked when I’m in a rural area,  say in far East Texas…and I’ve no idea where I am because I’ve never been that before and I stop to ask a farmer in his field about  directions, he tells me to go up the road a ways, then take a left dog leg where Homer Johnson found that sick, two-headed calf during the big rains that Asa Krieger’s bunions accurately predicted.

This is what I call a hayseed GPS, which only works if you’re from the area and know all about Homer Johnson’s penchant for wandering around outside in torrential thunderstorms.

It is true, these sayings are familiar and I can translate their meanings for the most part, but even so, I still cringed every time President Bush tried to speak extemporaneously.   He wasn’t the orator that Clinton is or Reagan was.   His public eloquence was often lacking.   I was/am a Bush fan and a fairly loyal Republican, but even so, I prayed every time Bush offered that deer-in-the headlights, blank stare before commenting.   

I was often uncomfortable in moments like this.

I’m also very uncomfortable every time Obama flack, Robert Gibbs opens his mouth.  I took an instant disliking to Gibbs during the campaign.   There’s something about him.   I think it’s his very efforted attempt at glibness and how he resorts to that idiotic laugh when ever he feels cornered. 

I’ve watched him at White House press briefings and I have to change the channel.   Actually, thanks to the geniuses at Sony, my TV can be programmed to scramble satellite reception whenever he comes on the screen.  The same applies to that glad handing, grandstanding walking embarrassment, Congresswoman Shiela “I Wanna Be Angela Davis” Jackson Lee (D., Texas…more on her in tomorrow’s post).

But the other day, the damn system didn’t scramble fast enough and  I actually had to watch  Gibbs standing at the podium in the press briefing area, having what started out to be a seemingly innocuous Q and A exchange with Chip Reid, a White House Correspondent with CBS, which by the way, vyed furioiusly with MSNBC to be the official campaign headquarters for Obama.

Chip got unusually testy with Gibbs.   THEN, St. Helen of Thomas chimed in.   For those of you who don’t know Helen,  the longtime Washington reporter is notorious for being a rabid Liberal,  has covered presidents dating back to Eisenhower.  She always sits in the front row and one can expect Helen to ask pointed questions.   And in this press briefing, she gets a few in with Gibbs who true to form, responds innapropriately with school girl giggling and commentary.

It’s not so much that Gibbs comes across here as something of a mockery of  the nervously defensive, fertive glancing, chain smoking  Nathan Sturm, comedian Martin Short’s character mock up of a lawyer representing Big Business, USA.

And when did Robert F. Kennedy Jr. start sounding like an aging Kathering Hepburn?

Anyway, let me reiterate:  the real news worthiness of the video you are about to see has more to do with  what Helen and Chip Reid say to Gibbs adn Gibbs’ glib responses.

I dunno, but me thinks something is a wee bit amiss in the White House’s Obama Administration/National Media Make Out closets.

See what I mean about Gibbs?  He’s like the band nerd  in High School who was hell bent to grow up be somebody someday in order to some day rub it in the phases of those big, mean upper classmen who kept stuffing him inside the bass drum.

And furthermore, what happened with the love fest between Obama and the mainstream media whicho diligiently helped get him elected?   Has Obama lost his luster in their eyes?   Has their attention deficit finally reached a certain level of near dismissal?    Whoa.   I mean WHOA!  Have certain members of the Liberal press somehow become “ooh look a shiny penny”  A-D-H Dee-mocrats??????

And not only that, it’s hard for me to take Gibbs seriously because he reminds me of Eggbert, Warner Brother’s silent, bespeckled brainiac  son of Prissy the Chicken, a spinster pullet who’s always tried to make unamused Foghorn Leghorn her animated husband.

Permit me to refresh your memory.

Here’s Gibbs and Eggbert side by side.   You tell ME YOU can’t see the similarity.eggbert1

Robert Gibbs Eggbert5    


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  1. July 8, 2009 7:17 pm

    Yes, something seems to be changing. I never once thought I’d ever see even a hint of the novelty or luster of the media/obama honeymoon dim. I heard this exchange on the radio sometime after it took place (I was somewhere out of town). It wasn’t until Thomas spoke that I realized it must have been in the press room. Of her and Reid, she surprised me the most.

    Oh and “Yeyusss . . . ” Reid looks just like Prissy’s little Eggbert.

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